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2012-10-08 - Lithuanians Kudo Federation Summer Camp

Lithuanian Kudo Federation held summer camp in Alytus district, Daugai.

This year on 4-9 July. Kaunas city clubs "Cunamis" "Tonusas" "Hidza" and Vilnius club "Faiteris" held Kudo summer sport camp in Alytus district, Daugai, which was organized by the Lithuanian Kudo Federation. In this camp athletes were very lucky with the weather, because all of the days was very hot and sunny. Athletes and coaches were satisfied with life quality and sporting terms, as more equipped with excellent sports facilities. After this camp Lithuania Kudo Federation decided to held the next year's Summer camp in this place! Therefore Lithuanian Kudo Federation invite you to join[...]

2012-06-28 - Black belts award

June 26. Important event took place in Kaunas. Lithuania Kudo sports federation black belts award.

June 26. Important event took place in Kaunas. Lithuania Kudo sports federation black belts award.These belts athletes graded when Lithuania visited the Kudo founder Jakucho Azuma Takashi. After just a couple of months, Black Belts came from the Japanese capital Tokyo, the central KIF Honbu headquarter. Lithuanian athletes was awarded by Kudo Federation president Ilgaras Gružinskas. Belts have been awarded to: TOMAS ŠVIAŽAS iGOR NEBARAKA IGNAS BARYSAS MICHAIL KOČIŪROV ARNOLDAS LUKOŠIŪNAS Welcome them all and wish that the first black belt would not bet the last![...]

2012-05-27 - On May 26 Belt qualification exam was held in Kaunas

On May 26, Lithuanian Kudo Federation has committed one of the most important year plans - belt certification exam. In this exam participated 130 athletes from all Lithuanian clubs.

On May 26, Lithuanian Kudo Federation has committed one of the most important year plans - belt certification exam. In this exam participated 130 athletes from all Lithuanian Clubs: Cunamis, Tonusas, Fight Academy, Hidza, Adrenalinas, Faiteris, Grizlis and Voras. Belt certification took about 4 hours. During this time athletes showed their technical skills, also did physical condition examination and fighting requirement. After this examination Federation leaders met in a meeting where they discussed plans for the coming year, and was happy for rapidly improving the situation of the[...]

2012-05-03 - Jakucho Azuma Takashi held a seminar in Lithuania

This weekend was a huge event in Lithuanian KUDO federation history. 8 DAN, KUDO master and founder Sensei Azuma Takashi had visited our country.

This weekend was a huge event in Lithuanian KUDO federation history. 8 DAN, KUDO master and founder Sensei Azuma Takashi had visited our country. With him had come his wife Keiko Azuma and Japanese delegation: Shimizu Kazuma, Kozaki Kazuhiko, Kamiyama Nobuhiko and France KUDO federation president – Shinya Tsuchida.
Master and Japanese delegation had come on Thursday afternoon. In airport they was greeted by Lithuanian KUDO federation. That same evening Sensei Azuma Takashi and Lithuanian KUDO federation had dinner where they discuss some plans about develpe of KUDO organziation in[...]

2012-02-21 - Kaunas city Kudo championship

On the 18th of February, Kaunas city Kudo championship was held

The participants were Lithuanian Kudo federation's club members and guests from Kaliningrad. This event was different from others because there were less participants, but they were more experienced. Congradulations to all the fighters and good luck in the future seeking achievement in Kudo! Osu!
Rezultatai 180 kof.
1.Laurynas Radišauskas”Cunamis“
2.Ugnius Kregžde “Tonusas“
3.Žilvinas Osipovas „Cunamis"
200 kof.
1.Arnas Morkūnas“Adrenalinas“
2.Karolis Jancevičius“Tonusas“
3.Rimvydas Židžiūnas[...]

2012-02-02 - Tournament Kamikaze-4

On the 28th of January the fourth Kamikaze tournament was held.

More than 80 athletes participated in this event from all Lithuanian clubs: Cunamis, Grizlis, Fight Academy, Hidza, Tonusas, Adrenalinas, Faiteris, also guests from Kaliningrad and Latvia. The biggest delegation at the event was from the Cunamis club. Fighters competed in two types of fights - Sumo and Kudo rules. The fighters have shown strong character and courage. Good look in other tournaments!
Results KUDO rules 1 Kajus Kaneckas 180 kof “Tonusas“
VS Mantas Remeika „Faiteris“
2 Reimondas Kederis 180 kof.[...]

2011-12-19 - Belt qualification/examination

Annual belt qualification/examination was held on the 18th of December.

More than 100 athletes from all the Lithuanian Kudo federation's clubs raised their qualification. Congradulations to everyone who[...]

2011-12-06 - Open Central Ukraine Kudo championship

Lithuanian Kudo federation's team had an amazing performance at the Open Central Ukraine Kudo championship on the 3rd of December in Kiev.

The federation was represented by these clubs: "Cunamis", "Tonusas", "Ukmerges fight club-Cunamis". Vilius Tarasevičius, Nauris Lukošiūnas, Teodoras Aukštuolis became champions. Rokas Bučas won 2nd place and Tomas Aleksandravičius won 3rd place.
Congradulations to the Lithuanian Kudo[...]

2011-10-23 - Kamikaze-3 tournament

This tourmament was held on the 22nd of October.

Tournament took place in Kaunas and more than 80 athetes were participating from various Lithuanian kudo clubs: "Cunamis", "Tonusas", "Faiteris", "Adrenalinas" and guests from Russian kudo federation, Kaliningrad city. Fighter were aloud to participate in two types of competitions: under sumo wrestling rules and kudo rules. It is noticable that with every tournament the level of experience is higher and[...]

2011-05-29 - Qualification egzamination in Kaunas

On the 29th of May, belt egzaminations took place in Kaunas.

On Sunday more than 100 kudo fighters were able to improve their qualification from all Lithuanian Kudo federation's kudo clubs: "Cunamis", "Tonusas", "Voras", "Adrenalinas", "Faiteris". The egzamination is a complex of three parts: fighting technique demonstration, physical preparation and kumite test. The improvement since last year was clearly[...]

2011-03-21 - Kudo tournament "Kamikaze-2"

On the 20th of March, the second Kudo tournament "Kamikaze" was held.

This tournament was held in the police sport center in Kaunas and there was more than one hundred athletes from various Lithuanian sport clubs: "Cunamis", "Tonusas", "Faiteris", "Adrenalinas", "Ukmergės Fightclub", "Grizlis" ir "Roninas". Fighters were able to participate in two different contests: under sumo rules and kudo[...]

2011-02-27 - Martial Arts Games festival in Tallin

Traditional martial arts festival held in Tallinn combines a big variety of martial arts.

Such as taekwondo, muay-thai, pankration, judo. Kudo is no exemption. Our federation was represented by two fighters fron "Cunamis" sport club - Nauris Lukošiūnas and Sergej Anisimenko. Estonian and Russian fighters were also participating in the Kudo division. Nauris won the 1st place and Sergej won 2nd place.
Congradulations to the fighters!

2011-02-19 - From Moscow - with bronze medal

Congradulations to Tomas Šviažas and his coach Ilgaras Gružinskas with the 3rd place in Kudo World Cup!

This year, on the 19th of February, our fighters Jogaila Šlekys, Paulius Žitinevičius, Igor Nebaraka ir Tomas Šviažas participated in the Kudo World cup, which was held in Moscow, Russia's capital city. Jogaila and Igoris lost their first fights by points, Paulius succesfully won 2 fights, but lost the third one to Russia's fighter, world kudo champion and the winner of this event in his category, Šamil Abdulkerimov. Tomas lost in the semifinals also against a Russian fighter, world kudo champions and the winner of this event in his category, Jurij Panov.

2011-01-29 - Belt qualification

On the 29th and 30th of February, belt qualification exams were held in Kaunas.

Winter time belt examinations were held in Lithuanian Kudo Sport Federation's clubs. Begginers and higher level athletes tried to raise their qualifcation level. We congradulate all those who succesfully done that! Next examination will be in May 30 in Kaunas and all fighters from all of the clubs will be examined together.

2010-11-13 - Kudo tournament "Kamikaze-1"

Kamikaze tournament, which was held on the 13th of November, surprised with the number of participants

More than 120 athletes showed their skills during the tournament. Since this tournament was so popular, there will be another won in the near future.
Results SUMO
27 kg (7-8 y.)
Maksim Staritsin “Cunamis” Dominykas Gudas „Faiteris“
32 kg (7-8 y.)
1. Jokūbas Kasperavičius “Cunamis”
2. Gerardas Narauskas „Faiteris
32 kg (9-10 y.)
1.Darija Tamūlionyte„Faiteris“
2.Žilvinas Osipovas“Cunamis”
3.Reimondas Kėdėris „Adrenalinas“
40 kg (9-10 y.)

2009-11-14 - World Kudo championship

On the 14th and 15th of February, in Japan's capital city - Tokyo, the third world kudo championship was held. Tomas Šviažas from sport club "Cunamis" in 270 category won the bronze medal.

On the way to the finals, Tomas won against Jalil Yaguoubi from Iran, Pedro Madureira from Portugal and five time kudo world champion Inada Takuja, but because of an old knee injury, Tomas couldn't continue to fght against Russian athlete Aleksandru Vinogradovu, whom won the silver medal.
Other lithuanian fighters also showed good fighting skills. Paulius Žitinevičius (sport club "Cunamis") in the category 240 won two fights and Ukmergės fightclub member Tomas Putinauskas in the category 260 won one fight.

2009-05-16 - Open Lithuanian Kudo championship

The results of Open Lithuanian Kudo championship

Kids, Bantam, Juniors
180 (10-11 m.) kof
1. Bernardas Vaištoras - s.k. "Voras"
2. Marius Čiupkevičius - s.k. "Cunamis"
3. Dalius Kšivickas - s.k. Cunamis"
190 (12-13 m.) kof.
1. Nauris Lukošiūnas - s.k. "Cunamis"
2. Kasparas Narakas - s.k. "Cunamis"
3. Nikita Razin - Estija
200-210 (13-14 m.) kof.
1. Eimantas Stanionis-s.k "Cunamis"
2. Herkus Lukošiūnas-s.k "Cunamis"
3. Donatas Kolosovas-s.k "Voras"
230 (13-14 m.) kof.
1. Mindaugas Bartaševičius-s.k "Voras"
2. Karolis Kavaliauskas-s.k[...]

2009-02-07 - Martial Arts Games festival

Traditional martial arts festival held in Tallinn combines a big variety of martial arts.

Such as taekwondo, muay-thai, pankration, judo. Kudo is no exemption. In the kudo competition our federations was represented by athletes from sport club "Cunamis". Here are the results:
1. Herkus Lukošiūnas -1st place ("Cunamis")
2. Paulius Žitinevičius -1st place ("Cunamis")
3. Tomas Šviažas -2nd place ("Cunamis")
4. Nauris Lukošiūnas -3rd place ("Cunamis")

2008-10-18 - Open Balkan Kudo championship

On the October 17-18th, in Bulgarian city Stara Zagora, Open Balkan Kudo championship was held, which attracted athletes from Russia, Japan, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Lithuania.

Our country was represented by sport club "Cunamis"'s fighter - Paulius Žitinevičius.
Tournament's guest of honnor was KIF president, 8th dan Grand Master Azuma Takashi.
Paulius was competing in 240 category and became 1st place winner.
In the first fight he had to fight against Bulgarian athlete Martin Dimitrov, and Paulius won this match convincingly.
Second fight was won by points agains Serbian fighter Velimir Krstič. In the final, third fight, our athlete performed an arm bar and won the fight against anothet Bulgarian fighter - Ivan Manolov.
Congratulations to[...]

2008-05-24 - Open Lithuanian Kudo championship

The 5th Open Lithuanian Kudo championship was held in A. Sabonis baskbetball center in Kaunas. There were fighters from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and of course from Lithuania.

Championship's guest of honnor was Russian Kudo federation's president, 5th Dan master Roman Anashkin. Tournament was open for all age groups. After the tournament there was a seminar during which our federation's trainers and athletes were able to defend higher level belts. Russian Kudo federation's president rated our federation athlete's preparation as in high level. Also, cooperation plans and other questions were discussed with Lithuanian Kudo federation's president Ilgaras Gružinskas.
Championship's result:
170 kof.
1.Kasparas Narakas- s.k"Cunamis"

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