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Jakucho Azuma Takashi held a seminar in Lithuania

This weekend was a huge event in Lithuanian KUDO federation history. 8 DAN, KUDO master and founder Sensei Azuma Takashi had visited our country.

This weekend was a huge event in Lithuanian KUDO federation history. 8 DAN, KUDO master and founder Sensei Azuma Takashi had visited our country. With him had come his wife Keiko Azuma and Japanese delegation: Shimizu Kazuma, Kozaki Kazuhiko, Kamiyama Nobuhiko and France KUDO federation president – Shinya Tsuchida.

Master and Japanese delegation had come on Thursday afternoon.  In airport they was greeted by Lithuanian KUDO federation. That same evening Sensei Azuma Takashi and Lithuanian KUDO federation had dinner where they discuss some plans about develpe of KUDO organziation in Lithuania.

Next day, on Friday, Lithuanian and Japanese delegation met Lithuanian Physical Education and sports department director Klemensą Rimšelį. Department director discussed with Sensei Azuma Takashi about important issues, which one of them was joining W.A.D.A. (World Anti Doping Association). Director Klemensas Rimšelis told to Sensei Azuma Takashi about importance of this joining, and Sensei  told them that evertyhing now in process and in near future it would be evertyhing done.  After meeting, Japanese and Lithuanian KUDO delegation visited  most frequented places of Vilnius. After that they went to old city Trakai where they visited ancient Trakai castle.

On Saturday Jakucho Azuma Takashi  started main event – seminar. Seminar took 4 hours, and there was 180 people participating in it. Sensei Azuma Takashi explain importance of technique, did some IDO GEKO techniques and some various combinations. Also, Sensei showed and explained UKEMI importance. Before the end of seminar Sensei Shinya Tsuchida showed some grappling techniques. Participants where satisfied with high technique skills from Japan's fighters.

On Sunady started second seminar part. There was expecting that in the beggining there would be seminar and after that, there would be DAN grading examination. But Sensei Azuma Takashi decided that examination would be took at the same time as seminar. So, after few techniques lessons, DAN grading participators and all seminar participators start doing basic KIHON technique. About after two hours of tehnique exam, participators who was helding DAN, started prepare for fights. They showed their high level skills, why guests from Japan were exited.

LITHUANIAN fighters who earned black belts:


Lithuanian KUDO federation was satisfied of high their fighters level and increased black belt team in Lithuania

After seminar Japanese and Lithuanian delegation participated in Sayonara party, where there were guests from Kaliningrad and Switzerland. Lithuanian KUDO federation gave presens to all guests and shared their experiences. Sensei Azuma Takashi was very happy of  Lithuanian KUDO federation develope and  wish sucess for Lithuanian KUDO federation president Ilgaras Gružinskas.

On Monday morning Japanese delegation left Lithuania from Vilnius airport back to Japan.
All in all, Lithuanian KUDO federation would like to thank for people who help to organize this big event and for all who participated in seminar.

We wish you good luck and keep moving forward on KUDO road..


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