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Bushido HERO'S World GP 2011

In the "Siemens" arena in Vilnius, the HERO'S World GP bushido tournament took place. Participators where from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, England, Ukraine, Russia and Japan.

Our federation was represented by Mindaugas Veržbickas "Ukmergės fight club" and Ignas Barysas sport club "Cunamis".

Both our fighters had to fight against athletes from Japan's team ZST: Yoshitaka Abe and Makato Sasaki. Mindaugas fought against Makato Sasaki. Mindaugas showed good stand-up and also gound techniques but after two rounds the judges couldn't decide who was the winner so they gaved a third round. Thats when Mindaugas took control and after a great striking combination knocked out his opponent.

In the superfight of the night, Ignas Barysas fought against Yoshitaka Abe. In the first seconds of the match, the japanese fighter had to take the fight to the ground, because he was stunned after massive striking attacks from Ignas. Yoshitaka tried to perform an ancle lock but Ignas got out of it and the fight was back again in the standing position. After another great combination from Ignas, Yoshitaka was cornered. Then Ignas with a kick to the head mawashi geri jodan knocked out his opponent from Japan.

Congradulations to the fighter and their couches. Good luck in up coming event. OSU!

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