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K-1 World Max - East Europe Tournament

Lithuanian bushido federation organized an event in Minsk, called K-1 WORLD MAX - East Europe Tournament

Sport club's "Cunamis" fighter Ignas Barysas was a participant in this tournament.

Ignas is an up and coming martial arts fighter, he's been noticed by the Lithuanian bushido federation's president Donatas Simonaitis, and he got the chance to take part in this prestiges event. Ignas had to fight against a fighter from Belarus Ramil Novruzov (s.c. "Chinuk").

Ignas was wining two first rounds, but in third round because of a knee injury he lost to his more experienced oponent by points 2:1. It was the first big fight for Ignas and he didn't let down his fans. Congradulations tu Ignas and his trainer Ilgaras Gružinskas with a great performance.

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