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Lithuanian amateur K-1 championship

On March 27th in Klaipeda city, amateur K-1 championship was held. There was a lot of fighters from Lithuania. Our KUDO federations team was also participating in the event and all our fighters came back with medals.

Herkus Lukošiūnas won by knockout with mawashi chudan in 23 seconds, Rokas Bučas knocked his opponent with mawashi jodan and Marius Čiupakevičius confidently won by points. All three of them became champions.

Sergej Anisimenko took seconds place, in the finals he had to fight his team mate Herkus Lukošiūnas.

Laurynas Plisas by showing true fighters will won third place,

Lithuanian Kudo federation is proud of it's members achievements. It is wonderful, that they can show their real kudo spirit not only in Kudo competitions but also in other martials art sports. OSU!

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