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Open Balkan Kudo championship

On the October 17-18th, in Bulgarian city Stara Zagora, Open Balkan Kudo championship was held, which attracted athletes from Russia, Japan, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Lithuania.

Our country was represented by sport club "Cunamis"'s fighter - Paulius Žitinevičius.

Tournament's guest of honnor was KIF president, 8th dan Grand Master Azuma Takashi.

Paulius was competing in 240 category and became 1st place winner.

In the first fight he had to fight against Bulgarian athlete Martin Dimitrov, and Paulius won this match convincingly.

Second fight was won by points agains Serbian fighter Velimir Krstič. In the final, third fight, our athlete performed an arm bar and won the fight against anothet Bulgarian fighter - Ivan Manolov.

Congratulations to Paulius!!!


Other results:

Kof. 240
1.Paulius Žitinevičius (Lithuania)
2.Ivan Manolov (Bulgaria)
3.Velimir Krstič (Serbia)
4.Tomaš Almasi (Hungary)

1.Ruslan Lopuhin (Estonia)
2.Jordan Gerasimov (Bulgaria)
3.Stanislav Pan (Russia)
4.Viktor Draganov (Bulgaria)

Kof. 260
1.Krasen Grudev (Bulgaria)
2.Igor Čeverev (Russia)
3.Stojan Ivanov (Bulgaria)
4.Robert Gardža (Hungary)

1.Jani Ištvan (Hungary)
2.Rumen Delčev (Bulgaria)
3.Valentin Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
4.Miloš Bogdanovič (Serbia)

1.Darija Timošina (Russia)
2.Oka Hiroji (Japan)
3.Nina Džurova (Bulgaria)

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