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Open Jurbarkas city Jiu-Jitsu championship

The event took place on the 3rd of April in Jurbarkas A.G.G. gimnasium. There were 85 fighters from Jurbarkas, Vilnius, Kaunas, Molėtai, Ukmergė, Šakiai and Taurag.

All wrestling techniques were aloud standing as well as on the ground. While standing, kicks were aloud to the head and body, punches only to the body section. The fighters were not wearing kimono.

Lithuanian kudo sports federation members, Ukmergės fight club athletes had a team of 11 fighters. Fighters who took first places: Klaudijus Aukštuolis, Judita Petro, Aivaras Simonaitis, Jaronimas Domanskis and Mindaugas Dainekas. 2nd place belong to Žygimantas Ramaška and the 3rd place winners are Aurimas Šmigelskis and Mindaugas Orlingis. Other athletes weren't so lucky. They lost their first fights.

It is important to notice that Klaudijus Aukštuolis, being only 15 years old, won all 3 fights before the given time ended, fighting against 17 year olds. Judita petro also won her fights before the end of time.

The fighters coaches are Artūras Sakas and Eugenijus Simonaitis.

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