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S.W.A.T. - 22

The twenty second S.W.A.T. tournament was held in Lithuanian city Varėna.

Two of "Cunamis" sport club fighters were participating in this event - Tomas Zaverucha and Paulius Virbašius. They fought under K-1 rules. Tomas's first win was against Rokas Kasteliunas from sport club "Roninas". The second fight was a draw between him and Vytautas Kasputis from "Dainralfas". Paulius won against a fighter from sport club "Rings" - Valdemar Solovej.

Klaudijus Aukštuolis from "Ukmergės fight club" was also a participant in this tournament. He achieved victory by submission against a fighter from Kaunas' sport club "Ąžuolas" - Mindaugas Šurmaitis.

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