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Japonija ZST - 29

September 11 was the day, when 29th anual ZST tournament was held in Tokyo, Japan. It was a deput for Ignas Barysas from sport club "Cunamis". His opponent was a fighter from Japan with a great experience in the ZST ring - Kenichi Ito.

From the moment the first round started, Japan's fighter took the fight to the ground and tried to perform some chokes and leg locks, but Ignas had a good defense against them. The next round was more dynamic. Ignas was the one who initiated to take the fight to the ground and got a good position to perform the rare naked choke, but the bell at the end of the round saved the japanies fighter. After the given time for the had ended, the judges decided that the fight was won the japanies fighter. Congradulations to Ignas, although he didn't win, he showed character, will to fight and inner strenght. We wish all the best to Ignas, his couch Ilgaras Gružinskas and jujitsu trainer Donatas Uktverius.

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